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Having worked with computers for a while - this is me with my first Personal Computer (an IBM 360/67) - ...

IBM 360/67

to be precise - personal the mainframe was only during my nightshifts when I was the only person around the data center. You see the CPU to my left with rows of little lights each representing a bit in one of the CPU's registers (no joke). In the background the card puncher with the chute for the punch cards. Behind that a paper tape reader (white top), further behind the cabinets of the I/O-processors that served about 50 terminals all over the campus. Not in the picture: the tape drives, the removable hard disk drives and a washing machine size drum storage for the page file. The IBM 360/67 was IBM's first computer with an operating system capable of simulating virtual machines - and there was life in a virtual world. (Picture taken at the Medical University Hannover, Germany) after having worked with computers for a while, in 2005 I turned a dream into reality and started my own software company.