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Street Maps - Address Searching

Enter an address into the Search Address input field to create a street map.

Finding Street Addresses

You don't have to follow a specific format when entering an address, but the regular postal format is recommended for best results:

"1 e 57th str ny ny" for US addresses and

"pestalozzistr 10 10625 berlin" for German addresses.

If there is more than one address that meets your search criteria, a selection list will show all addresses.

To find smaller towns, add the country name, e. g. Rheinsberg Germany.

You can drag the visible part of the map with the left mouse button pressed. Click the Zomm in or Zoom out commands in the menu bar to change the map scale.

Finding Regions

You can search for countries, regions, subregions, towns, postal codes and streets, e. g.:

If you can't find an address but roughly know its geographical location you can navigate there by selecting a region and zooming into the map.

Finding Landmarks

The address search will find many well known geographical objects, e. g.

Outside of the United States finding landmarks in most cases requires the city, e. g.

Navigating the Street Map

You can drag the map with the left mouse button pressed.

Double clicking the map recenters the map to the clicked location and zooms in into the map by one level.

Alternatively you can reposition the map view by dragging the blue rectangle in the small map in the lower right corner of the map.


You can create a map by entering an address - as for a street map - e. g. the name of a city, a country, an island etc. Then alter the map scale with the Zoom out command till the view covers the area of interest. Or select a region from the Region menu, zoom into the map and position the map center by dragging the map. Or double click on the location that's the target area's center.


You can see the coordinates of the position currently under the mouse cursor to the right of the address input field.


The maps are based on a Mercator projection. This implies inevitable distortions. One is that the scale of the map increases from the aequator to the poles. This effect shows the more, the smaller the scale of the map and the larger the region of the earth visible in the map. The small line in the lower left of the map, where a given distance on earth is represented by a line of a certain length, is only an approximation.

Satellite View, Hybrid View

The Map - Satellite command gives you a satellite view of the map. The command Map - Hybrid displays a satellite view with places and street names overlayed - if available.

Setting a Marker

Marker on/off switches a marker in the center of the map on or off. The marker moves with the map if you drag the map.

Sending a Map's Link

The Create Link command displays the URL of the current map. Copy the URL from the text field and e-mail it to a friend or business partner. Or include it in your Web pages. Click the Create Link command again to hide the URL.

If you enter the URL into the address field of your browser, the browser navigates to this Web page and displays the map from which the link was created.

If the map had a marker when you created the link, the link will position the map with the marker in the center of the browser window (even if the marker had been moved away from the center by dragging the map). If the map did’nt have a marker, the map will be centered like the original map.

The map link dos’nt carry with it the size of your map. The size of the new map depends on the size of the target browser window. Hence, the recipient of your link will most likely see a map with slightly different dimensions compared to your map when you created the link.

Great Views

The Great Views command leads you to some places with exceptionally beautiful satellite views. Click on one of the landmarks in the list to the right.


You can print the maps with the Print command on the page's menu or with your browser's print command.

When printing a larger map it might be appropriate to change the paper orientation to Landscape.

The appearance of the printout depends on the browser, the printer and the printer driver software. With some configurations the map can't be printed if the scaling factor (map on the screen to map on paper) is too large. In that case select Shrink To Fit (Internet Explorer), Reduce to page size (Firefox) or Fit to paper width (Opera). If the map still doesn't fit inside the page borders set the scaling factor to a value less than 100 %.

You can preview the printout of the map with your browser's Print Preview... command. The preview displays the map the way the browser will print it given the current configuration of your printer and printer driver.

Terms of Use

This page converts addresses to geographical coordinates and creates maps with the help of the Google Maps API.

If you use this page or use links to this page to access maps, satellite images or geographical data you have to comply with the Google Terms of Use which you can find by clicking on the Terms of Use link in the lower right of the map.

The provider of this Web site will not be liable for the accuracy, up-to-dateness or completeness of the information displayed on this page. Please be reminded that Google's map data and satellite images may be outdated by months or years. The geographical coordinates of an address as shown in the map may deviate more or less from the real coordinates, depending on the availability of data.

The provider of this Web site will not be liable for the availability of this Web page at or for any time. He will keep this page available as long as it is economically sensible and technically feasible for him. He retains the right to delete or change the page or restrict its availablility at any time without notice. This could be the case, e. g. if Google changed its terms of use, or if the number of allowed Google Map API calls per day (currently 25.000) were exceeded.